Colin O’Keeffe

Theme Manager

Colin has a background in Health Services Research and works as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care (CURE), ScHARR, University of Sheffield. Colin has worked on a number of projects evaluating policy and workforce innovations in this setting
His research interests include, use of large data to understand the nature of demand and flow in the urgent and emergency care (UEC) system and evaluating solutions to improve demand and flow in UEC, including the impact of new roles for pre-hospital healthcare staff.

Colin O’Keeffe's latest projects

Using a Delphi study to define avoidable emergency department attendances in young adult patients

Some emergency department (ED) visits are for care that, although urgent, could be managed by a GP. We need clarity about what these ‘avoidable attendances’ (AAs) are and how to...

Evaluation of (Community) Unscheduled Care Coordination Hubs to reduce hospital attendance

Unscheduled Care Coordination Hubs (UCCHs) provide timely care in the community for patients dialling 999 with urgent illnesses. Ambulance services can access these hubs instead of taking a patient to...

Colin O’Keeffe's latest publications

Non-urgent emergency department attendances in children: a retrospective observational analysis

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Maxine Kuczawski

Research Fellow

Jamie Miles

Clinical Reserch Fellow

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Research Fellow