ReQoL 10 Visualisation Tool – now available online

At the ReQoL Community of Practice event in October 2019, participants expressed an interest in using ReQoL data visualisations to enhance meaningful clinical conversations. In response to this request, we have been working to develop and test a Recovering Quality of Life Questionnaire (ReQoL-10) online visualisation tool. We are pleased to announce that the tool is now available online at

How to use the tool

Users can access the tool at

The tool is built around a digitally reproduced version of ReQoL-10 with the standard ten items presented in a way that retains the measurement properties of the original validated ReQoL-10 ensuring results are valid and equivalent to those gathered using the original, paper and pen version. Users can move between items, select appropriate responses and even skip items if needed. However, if two or more items are skipped then a valid score cannot be provided. If only one item is skipped a score at the end will be provided, but not a visualisation. If all items have been answered the final page will show:

  • Overall score

  • ReQoL bubble visualisation representing each theme

  • Questions, answers and scores

  • Total score by theme.

There is the facility to download or print the results so that they can be compared with previous scores or shared with other people. There is no facility to store data or record any personal information at all.

We are keen to hear how you use the tool and any feedback you might have from your patients/service users would be very welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact Lizzie (