Healthy Places

The Healthy Places topic seeks to evaluate the impact of place based interventions on health using a range of methods including active engagement of children and families in citizen science projects.

Healthy Places projects include:

ATHLETE: Advancing Tools for Human Early Life course Exposome Research and Translation

ATHLETE will study the environmental exposures of 80,000 mother-child pairs across 15 cohorts, develop next-generation tools to quantify its effects on health, implement feasible and acceptable interventions, and translate evidence to policy recommendations and prevention strategies.

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Tiffany Yang, project lead -

BiB Breathes

Funded by NIHR BiB Breathes will evaluate the health, air quality and economic impacts of Bradford’s Clean Air Plan (B-CAP), including a clean air zone.

The project will explore changes in air quality in the city using regularly collected data that is already available on air pollution and will also collect additional data from 12 schools throughout the city. We will recruit primary school age citizen scientists to record pollution levels during their school commute and will use routine health data from over 500,000 Bradford residents to explore whether the plan improves health within the district. In addition, a city wide survey, pre and post implementation of the B-CAP with both Born in Bradford cohort families as well as the general population of Bradford will help us understand the acceptability and feasibility of the plan

We will also conduct group discussions and interviews with key groups of people including businesses, transport companies, families, and pedestrians. These discussions will explore what may have helped or hindered the success of the policy and any unexpected effects.

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Ingenius: Indoor Air Quality

Funded by NERC, INGENIOUS (Understanding the sources, transformations and fates of indoor air pollutants) will will investigate how air pollutants within homes in the city of Bradford, UK, can adversely affect the health of people living in them. Working with families from the Born in Bradford cohort we will assess indoor air pollution using state of the art monitoring devices and use this information to co-produce interventions to reduce exposure. The project is being led by Professor Nicola Carlsaw from the University of York.

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Rosie McEachan, BiB project lead -

PhD: Changing greenspaces in Bradford to improve biodiversity and health in urban populations

The project aims to explore the impact of green space interventions on public health and biodiversity. It will engage the community, policy makers and researcher to promote biodiversity, ecosystem function, good health and wellbeing. As part of the interventions, we plan to increase community understanding of health and biodiversity aspects of green space use and to train community members to aid data collection. We aim to empower communities to reclaim, use and improve their local greenspaces.

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Rebecca Robertson -

The Health Places topic also works closely with ActEarly.

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