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Funded by NIHR BiB Breathes will evaluate the health, air quality and economic impacts of Bradford’s Clean Air Plan, including a clean air zone

We will explore changes in air quality in the city using regularly collected data that is already available on air pollution and will also collect additional data from 12 schools throughout the city. We will recruit primary school age citizen scientists to record pollution levels during their school commute and will use routine health data from over 500,000 Bradford residents to explore whether the plan improves health within the district. 

We will also conduct group discussions and interviews with key groups of people including businesses, transport companies, families, and pedestrians. These discussions will explore what may have helped or hindered the success of the policy and any unexpected effects.

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How our ARC & NHS Data Are Transforming Child Asthma Care 

Air pollution is an invisible danger - and as part of the BiB Breathes work, our ARC is using data to help fight it.

Discover the hidden threat to children's health and how NHS data is contributing to the solution. Join us as we explore the link between air pollution and one-third of child asthma cases in a particular area. Learn how cities like Bradford are implementing Clean Air Zones to ensure better air quality and help our children breathe easier.

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