Health Informatics

To fulfil the promise of mental health informatics, complete and representative patient-level data need to be accessible and their analysis supported. Working with local and national partners, we will build on CLAHRC-YH work to undertake projects to link data from Mental Health Trusts in the region with a region-wide urgent care dataset (CUREd). We will use these routine data to improve care, by identifying groups of service users most at risk of presenting to urgent care services with physical health crises.

We will map needs and service use (including urgent care) among people with mental illness using a unique data resource. This will provide a national research-ready resource to examine the impact of mental health policies and service innovations. We will use this resource to provide rapid research-led intelligence relating to local service use and need. Our priorities will be driven by questions posed by local services and commissioners via our partnerships and ARC networks. 

Project lead: Professor Scott Weich |