Patricia Asowo-Ayobode

Research Data Analyst

I am currently serving as the Research Data Analyst for the Connected Yorkshire – Bradford Hub, where my primary focus is linking data from various healthcare sectors, including primary and secondary care, community care, social care, and other relevant sources. My role is integral to supporting research initiatives and spearheading the design and evaluation of quality improvement projects aimed at enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery within the Connected Yorkshire Data Environment.
With a robust 17-year background in Education, Research, and Technology, I bring a diverse skill set to the table. This extensive knowledge has been cultivated through years of navigating the intricate landscape of psychometrics and research methodologies, and I have consistently adapted to the evolving realm of technology.
Having encountered and overcome numerous challenges in the intersection of technology and my respective domains, I am well-equipped to contribute to the integration requirements of the Connected Yorkshire Secure Data Environment Programme. My commitment lies in leveraging the transformative power of technology to enhance the constructive interaction between different healthcare data sources, thereby advancing the collective goal of improving healthcare outcomes.

Other Team members

Kate Morton

Research Fellow

Sarah Blower

Principal Research Fellow

Mallory Morehead

Research Fellow