Making a difference

The NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Yorkshire and Humber supports people-powered research that aims to tackle inequalities and improve health and well-being for our communities.

With the help of our implementation experts in the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy, we have supported the adoption and spread of evidence that emerged from our ARC, speeding up the transformation of our health and care system to support the delivery of improved outcomes for patients and our communities.

Read about how our projects and research are making a difference below.

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Bridging the Digital Divide for People with Severe Mental Ill-health

Aim: To better understand the unequal access to digital technology and the internet for people with Severe Mental Ill-health (SMI) and find ways to improve it....

Virtual wards and remote care: evaluating the implementation of a handheld medical examination device

Use of Digital Technology in Care Homes

Aim: Evaluate the impact of a digital app in reducing unplanned emergency care for care home residents...

Do unscheduled care coordination hubs reduce avoidable ambulance journeys?

Aim: Evaluating the use of Unscheduled Care Coordination Hubs to reduce pressure in the emergency department and use of ambulance service...

Supporting people with Severe Mental Ill Health (SMI) to quit smoking

Aim: Developing and implementing a smoking intervention to help people with SMI cut down or quit smoking....

Implementing the mental health patient reported outcome measure Recovering Quality of Life – ReQoL

Reducing transfer of care home patients to the Emergency Department

NHS 111 call handling in children and young people

Evaluating the ‘Me and My Baby’ (MaM-B) parent-infant bonding tool for use in UK universal healthcare settings

Join Us: Move Play (JU:MP)

Aim: Increase physical activity in children and young people aged 5 to 14 who are living in some of the most deprived areas of the UK...

Learning from deaths and improving patient care

Using the clinically co-produced iteration of Structured Judgement Review methodology to enable tens of thousands of reviews to be carried out each year across the UK, helping NHS Trusts to...

Leading the way in identification and management of frailty

Aim of the project: Development of the second iteration of the electronic Fralty Index (eFI2), a tool that uses routine GP data to identify frailty....