Our Approach

ARC Yorkshire and Humber is a beacon of excellence in applied health research. From Born in Bradford through to our work on identifying frailty, reducing transfer of care home patients to A&E, and ways to reduce loneliness, our practitioners and researchers are leading the way for how we can turn innovative research into practice.

However, our researchers cannot do this alone. At the heart of our ARC is collaboration with the public and co-production. We have a commitment to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

We also need to ensure that experience, knowledge and opportunities for career development are shared for the next generation of researchers.

Visit our pages below to find out how we ensure equality, diversity and inclusion, public involvement, capacity building and academic development is included in our research.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our overarching aim is to: Support people-powered research to tackle inequalities and improve health and well-being for all our diverse communities. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do through our research, communities and impacts.

Involving People

Our Patient and Public Involvement/Engagement (PPIE) work is led by a small team that we call the PPIE Leadership & Support Group (PSLG). The PLSG seeks to influence the research programmes at all levels, and is tied into best practice networks for inspiration and support.

Approach lead(s): Christine Smith

Academic Career Development

Research Capacity Development (RCD) aims to enhance skills and confidence in people, and processes in and across organisations, to conduct impactful research that is useful. We have recently coined the phrase RCD for impact (RCDi) to highlight the importance of doing research that makes a difference.

Approach lead(s): Sam Debbage