PhD Studentships

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Akshay Kumar

Exploring patterns of UEC service use by children and young people

Alison Ellwood

Understanding the needs of people with cognitive and physical frailty

Becky Robinson

Changing greenspaces in Bradford to improve biodiversity and health in urban populations

Charlene Colegate

Discrimination and severe mental illness in the perinatal period

Charlotte Cotterill

What is primary care epileptology?

Claire Copper

Developing and evaluating Early Years policies and programs for supporting prematurely born children's school readiness, health and wellbeing

Eman Alnuaimi

PLATOON - Premature Loss of bAby Teeth and its impact On Orthodontic Need.

Fei Liu

Economic implications of social care funding

Fiona Noble

No need(le) to worry: Development and feasibility study of a self-help cognitive behavioural therapy resource for children with needle fear

Frankie Fair

An evaluation of the impact of a midwife-led maternal obesity service on pregnancy outcomes and childhood obesity

George Tarun

Economic evaluation of interventions to assess resource utilisation of acute conditions in frail elderly

Hollie Henderson

How can practitioners, service providers and commissioners be best supported to make use of research cohort data as a local health intelligence tool for child and early life health?