Oral Health and Nurseries


Preventing tooth decay and reducing oral health inequalities is the number one dental research priority. In parts of Yorkshire, 40% of five year olds have tooth decay. Tooth decay impacts children, their families and society.

Tooth decay is preventable. There is strong evidence to support the lifelong benefits of adopting preventive home-based oral health behaviours from early childhood. However, many families struggle to implement these behaviours. Consequently, Public Health England advocate a multifaceted approach.

“Lets Talk about Teeth” (LTAT) has been developed by a small commercial company (http://www.soap.media) with close collaboration with the University of Leeds and Public Health England. SOAP Media have a strong track record of training the early-years’ workforce; pioneering a training method called “edutainment”, which is delivered as an online resource. This PhD will evaluate this complex intervention.


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Evaluation of an early-years intervention to improve young children’s oral health


Other projects

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