Resources: Toolkits

The Supervised Toothbrushing Toolkit

This toolkit brings together resources to help support the implementation of supervised toothbrushing programmes and clubs. There are resources for those who are responsible for commissioning new programmes, for those delivering programmes across a specific area, as well as resources for early years settings with a Supervised Toothbrushing Programme running and parents whose children are involved.

YH ARC Infographic

This infographic explains how YH ARC is structured and how we enable research that makes a difference.

Guidance for Care homes

Research with and for care homes has increased, and the need for research to support long term care and policy is increasingly recognised. However, there is a need to ensure staff, residents, their families and friends are supported when considering taking part in research. Our guide will help a care home team determine whether they are ‘ready’ to be involved in a research study.

Toolkits for designing, implementing and evaluating interventions

The Better Start Bradford Innovation Hub and Better Start Bradford have developed a series of pragmatic operational guides to support organisations through the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of interventions.

Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM)

Recovering Quality of Life (ReQoL) for users of mental health services

ARC checklist when planning an economic evaluation

Produced by the ARC Health Economics, Evaluation and Equality (HEEE) cross-cutting theme.

ARC economic evaluation resource

Produced by the ARC Health Economics, Evaluation and Equality (HEEE) cross-cutting theme.

PROMS Resource and Checklist

The PROMs resource aims to support the process of selecting and implementing Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in different contexts where PROM data is used for evaluation.

ReQoL visualisation tool

At the ReQoL Community of Practice event, participants expressed an interest in using ReQoL data visualisations to enhance meaningful clinical conversations. We have been working to develop and test a Recovering Quality of Life Questionnaire (ReQoL-10) online visualisation tool.

Economic Evaluation Guide

As part of the NIHR Public Health Research (PHR) project – Unlocking Data to Inform Public Health Policy and Practice (aka. Unlocking Data project) – the researchers, with support from the YH ARC Co-Chair for the PPIE Leadership Group, have developed an online resource which explains how one of these tools, Economic Evaluation, can be used in a health setting.

Air pollution

A toolkit developed for use by local authorities to help provide an evidence base with this to analyse possible policies that improve air quality (click icons here to download package)

Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (HIAT)