Virtual wards and remote care: evaluating the implementation of a handheld medical examination device



TytoCare is a handheld medical device that can take clinical grade readings of the ear, nose, throat, lung, heart, skin, and abdomen. The device can be used by patients with an app guiding the examination, or by health care professionals. TytoCare was introduced to reduce the need for face-to-face appointments for COVID-vulnerable patients, whilst still providing continuity of care.

Project delivery

The device was piloted by the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network in a range of care settings in the region. The evaluation was led by our Improvement Science theme, and supported by the Health Economics, Equality and Evaluation theme, and the Improvement Academy. The evaluation included patient and staff feedback surveys and interviews, analysis of data taken by the device, and estimation of implementation and device costs.

Our findings

  1. The device was reported as acceptable to patients and staff, and as being feasible to use. Perceived benefits included reduced travel time and the reassurance provided by the examination data (compared with a phone call)
  2. There were potential cost savings through avoided in-person appointments
  3. For wider uptake, implementation efforts should focus on:
    • engaging with staff and patients to identify any concerns
    • assessing compatibility of the device with existing systems
    • considering access and quality of Wi-Fi for patients
    • ensuring adequate funding to support roll out and ongoing sustainability

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