PhD Studentship

Closing Date: 20240722
Term: Full-time

PhD Title: Social determinants of health equity in multiple sclerosis: Investigating the journey to diagnosis and treatment for people with MS.

In this PhD, you will take a sociological lens to explore the lived experience of people living with MS on their journey from initial symptoms to the diagnosis of MS and start of treatment. Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, live, work and age. Many such conditions are studied in research, including wealth, income, housing, geographical location, and factors related to ethnicity such as racism. This PhD is embedded in a multi-centre UK study to investigate the social determinants of MS treatment and outcomes in Bradford, Leeds, East London, and Cardiff led by Professor Helen Ford. This PhD will explore the factors which impact the experience of diagnosis of MS in Leeds and Bradford, including understanding of MS, information gathering/interactions with family, friends and networks, access to health care and the journey to final diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Claudia Coveney (Sociology & Social Policy)

Professor Helen Ford (Neurology)

Dr Andrea Hollomotz (Sociology & Social Policy)