Wei Song

Physical health shocks on the consumption of health care resources for the treatment of depression

Wei joined CHE in January 2021, and is a PhD student in Economics with the Health Policy Team supervised by Prof. Rowena Jacobs and Dr. Panos Kasteridis. His studentship focuses on acute health shock and mental health.
Prior to joining CHE, he worked as a research officer at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. He has research experience in national health account, health outcome research, healthcare manpower planning, and screening programme evaluation. Wei holds a BMedSc (WUH), BA (HUST), MPH (HKU), MA (HKU), MSc in Health Economics (YORK). His PhD research links with the Mental and Physical Multimorbidity theme.

Wei Song's latest projects

Measuring the impact from physical health shocks on mental health

Epidemiological research has documented that physical health shocks, such as stroke, heart attack, and the onset of cancer, might trigger mental health conditions such as depression. Due to limitations in...

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