Laura Bojke

Theme Co-Lead

Professor Laura Bojke is the Co-lead for the Health Economics, Evaluation and Equality (HEEE) Theme for ARC Yorkshire and Humber and Professor in the Centre of Health Economics (CHE) at the University of York
“I’ve expertise in a wide range of applied and methodological projects, within Pharmacoeconomics and public health. Along with my extensive cost-effectiveness modelling experience, including my role as part of the evidence review group for NICE, I’ve worked on several projects involving the use of expert elicited data within analytic models and developed guidance for their use in Health Technology Assessment (HTA).
Our Theme has a strong focus on working with local decision makers, through the support we provide to core themes. I’m excited to be co-leading the theme and working with a talented group of researchers, collaborating locally, nationally and internationally”.

Laura Bojke's latest projects

Economic evaluation of nature-based interventions for mental and physical health

This study investigated the potential cost-effectiveness of ecotherapy, a nature-based intervention increasingly used for common mental health issues. Despite its popularity, there’s a scarcity of data regarding its costs and...

Local Climate Change Scoping Project

Evidence is needed to support local action to reduce the adverse health impacts of climate change and maximise the health benefits of climate action. We conducted a project to identify...

ESRC IAA: Promoting the use of structured methods for expert elicitation into health care decision making: development of an online repository and dissemination tools

Clinical experts can provide valuable information to help inform decisions in healthcare, especially when trying to determine if technologies offer the NHS value for money. Structured expert elicitation (SEE) methods...

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Laura Bojke

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