Age of Wonder Adolescent Mental Health Collaboratory: what works to protect adolescent mental health?


The Adolescent Mental Health Collaboratory aims to build an efficient platform for the evaluation of interventions to prevent mental ill-health, using the Age of Wonder cohort and the wider Born in Bradford programme. We will realise the potential of this multi-ethnic cohort (the largest study of adolescence in the world) to evaluate novel and existing mental health interventions.

Working with young people, families, schools and other local stakeholders, the Collaboratory has co-produce a pipeline of initiatives that focus on prevention of mental ill-health and early intervention. We use state of the art evaluative methods, including trials within cohorts (TWiCs), adaptive trial and quasi-experimental designs. These are efficient methods of research which will rapidly drive forward knowledge on ‘what works?’ and enable rapid translation of high quality research evidence into policy and practice.


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