ASSEMBLE – Co-producing modular system for parenting programmes


Despite strong evidence for the benefits of parent training programmes, they are often not rolled out more widely. We know that these large, intensive programmes can be challenging for practitioners to deliver, and parents can face challenges in accessing them.

The ASSEMBLE project sought to work with parents and practitioners to break parent training programmes into smaller chunks, which would be more accessible and easier to deliver at scale. While we have not yet succeeded in attaining funding for this work, several other projects are helping to inform how this could best be done and we will continue to explore this opportunity. A number of parent training programmes have been developed and empirically validated in randomized control trials and meta-analyses. However, these programmes have failed to scale-up in real world services; practitioners face challenges in implementing them and families experience challenges in accessing them.

ASSEMBLE is a multiphase programme of research and development aiming to improve access for those who most need it by removing the barriers to delivering and receiving evidence-based parenting support.

We are currently seeking further funding and project partners to work with us on this study.


Sub-theme: Best Start


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