FUNMOVES Designing and piloting a new objective measure of fundamental movement skills


There is a large proportion of children within the UK struggling to develop age-appropriate fundamental movement skills (FMS). This is particularly problematic as FMS have a wide-reaching effect on childhood development outcomes including physical activity levels, health, socioemotional wellbeing and academic achievement. However in assessing and monitoring these skills, there are problems at each stage of the assessment process in the UK (through the NHS). This means that children with problems are being missed and the most disadvantaged children are being underserved.

FUNMOVES is a co-developed school-based universal screening tool of fundamental movement skills which empowers schools and teachers to identify children that would benefit from additional support. The finalised version of FUNMOVES enables teachers to evaluate the fundamental movement skills of a whole class within an hour, using resources readily available in schools. Interventions to improve children’s fundamental movement skills are now being co-developed and evaluated.


Sub-theme: Healthy Learning

Currently Underway


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