National Evaluation of Cautioning And Relationship Abuse (CARA) awareness raising workshops for first time offenders of domestic violence and abuse


Domestic violence and abuse results in an increased use in health care outcomes and services including chronic pain, physical disability, reproductive health, substance misuse and mental health. Project CARA (conditioning and relationship abuse) was developed in 2011 and offers a conditional caution to first time offenders with the aim of improving outcomes for victims and their families.

This current study will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of CARA across several sites as part of a mixed methods study with Yorkshire and the Humber ARC tasked to evaluate the cost-effectiveness using a cost per reoffence avoided and a cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) approach. Costs on the mobilisation and delivery of CARA were obtained for three police areas and the relative risk of reduction in offences for 5 force areas. Initial findings suggest that CARA could be cost efficient if there is a reduction in the number of offences.


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