Experiences of newly qualified dentist in delivering oral health advice to children and their parents- challenges and solutions.

References: Rutter L, Duara R, Vinall-Collier KA, Owen J, Haley I, Gray-Burrows KA, Hearnshaw S, Marshman Z and Day PF (2023) Experiences of newly qualified dentists in delivering oral health advice to parents/caregivers of young children—challenges and solutions. Front. Oral. Health 4:1079584. doi: 10.3389/froh.2023.1079584



Rutter, L., Duara, R., Vinall-Collier, K. A., Owen, J., Haley, I., Gray-Burrows, K. A., Hearnshaw, S., Marshman, Z., & Day, P. F

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