Resources: Lunch & Learn

Dementia risk in minoritised ethnic groups: incidence and 12 modifiable risk factors

People from minoritised ethnic groups are projected to develop dementia at a faster rate than the white British population, and are more likely to experience modifiable risk factors for dementia. However, dementia research has not systematically included minoritised ethnic groups. Magda will talk about the existing research on MRF in minoritised ethnic groups in the UK. Using primary care data in Connected Bradford, Lin will introduce her research on dementia diagnosis rates by eight ethnic groups.

Theories of change and logic models: A brief introduction

This session will offer an introduction to both Theories of Change and Logic Models, their key ingredients, and how they can be used together to support the development of robust plans for evaluation for complex interventions.

Implementing for Impact: fixing the disconnect between theory and practice

Research has excelled at understanding the problem of implementation but failed to seriously engage with the critical question of how to ensure adoption, integration and impact. In this episode, Kristian explains two main causes for this and ask the question 'Can implementation science help?'

Why do I need to think about equalities impact assesments for Research

This webinar will disuss the challenge of increasing diversity in research and present a solution - The Equality Impact Assessment

Yorkshire & Humber ARC Implementation Offer

Join us for a Lunch & Learn where we provide more detail of what implementation is, what we do, and how we can help researchers and other professionals with all aspects of implementation.

Showcasing the expanding offer available for Health & Care Professionals through NIHR

The webinar will showcase the expanding funding and training offers available for Health and Care Professionals in Yorkshire and Humber through the NIHR Academy, and opportunities for clinical staff to get involved in research.