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The Community Ageing Research study (CARE75+)

A data resource and recruitment platform for research with older people

Born in Bradford (BiB) Cohort

Born in Bradford is an internationally-recognised research programme which aims to find out what keeps families healthy and happy by tracking the lives of over 40,000 Bradfordians.

Born in Bradford’s Better Start cohort

BiBBS is a birth Cohort study that aims to understand the effects of early-life interventions on children’s health and development.


BiB4All is a data linkage cohort study of babies born in Bradford and their mothers. Every pregnant woman due to have their baby in Bradford will be invited to join the project

Connected Yorkshire

The Connected Yorkshire programme links disparate routine electronic data in an anonymised database across primary care, secondary care, community care and social care at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Centre for Applied Education Research (CAER)

CAER seeks to empower educational settings (schools, nurseries, early year providers) to use evidence-based approaches to identify and remove all barriers to learning.

Connected Health Cities (CHC): CUREd Research Database

The CUREd+ research database involves using patient records already held within the NHS and linking them together so we can understand how patients access services and what happens to them after this.

Covid and me

Covid and me is a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) public engagement initiative using theatre to raise public awareness of the importance that clinical trials will play during this pandemic.

COVID PPI Resources

Alongside other involvement leads in the region, ARC Y&H have contributed to this guidance document - a collation of information and top tips on conducting involvement activities during Covid-19.

Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Academy

CLAHRC e-repository