George Tarun

Economic evaluation of interventions to assess resource utilisation of acute conditions in frail elderly

George joined as a PhD student at ScHARR (Sheffield centre for health and allied research), Division of Population health, University of Sheffield in 2023.
He is affiliated with the NIHR ( National institute of Health Research) Applied Research Collaboration Yorkshire & Humber (ARC Y & H) and his PhD research links with the Health economics in Older People with Frailty theme. He is supervised by Chris Bojke (Leeds University) , Tracey A Young and Harry Hill (University of Sheffield).
George is a practising internist with clinical exposure in various medical specialties in India and the UK. He has an MPH from the London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine, and an MHS in Global Health Economics from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He has an interest in providing economic solutions for clinical and public health issues in low resource settings and vulnerable populations.
His PhD will be exploring a multi-sector model that can assess interventions to determine healthcare resource utilisation, costs and utilities of acute conditions in the elderly. He will also be working with the CARE 75 team to better understand the risk factors of acute outcomes in the frail-elderly.

Other Team members

Tracey Young

Theme Co-Lead

Laura Bojke

Theme Co-Lead

Sarah Fewkes

Theme Administrator