NEW Social Prescribing 2: Developing and Testing the Creative Minds Logic Model and Programme Theory


Creative Minds (CM) is an organisation that helps to fund creative activity groups in the community for people who are living with or recovering from a range of mental health conditions.

We worked with key stakeholders to co-produce a visual representation that describes how CM functions and what stakeholders think the outcomes of the CM intervention are. This representation is called a logic model, and it aims to unpack what resources and people are needed, what activities are undertaken, and the impact on individuals and the wider community. We are now about to start testing the logic model to see if it matches up with what happens in practice. We have written some vignettes or ‘pen-portraits’ that reflect the theories in the LM. Our next step will be to run focus groups in which we will ask people who work with Creative Minds, and those who attend groups funded by CM, whether the vignettes accurately reflect their real-life experiences or not.


Currently Underway

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