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Validation of revised patient measures of safety: PMOS-30 and PMOS-10. 

The views and experiences of patients and healthcare professional’s on the disclosure adverse events: A systematic review & qualitative meta-ethnographic synthesis.

The Positive Deviance Approach (Elements of Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare)

Surgeon burnout, impact on patient safety and professionalism: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Factors affecting the implementation of a whole school mindfulness program: a qualitative study using the consolidated framework for implementation research

Burnout in surgical trainees: A narrative review of trends, contributors, consequences and possible interventions.

Delivering unexpected news via obstetric ultrasound: A systematic review and meta-ethnographic synthesis of expectant parent and staff experiences.

Can we prepare healthcare professionals and students for involvement in stressful healthcare events? A mixed-methods evaluation of a resilience training intervention.

Being pregnant and becoming a parent during the covid-19 panedmic: a longitudinal qualitative study in Bradford

Reducing delayed transfer of care in older people: a mixed-methods study of barriers and facilitators to shorter hospital stays

Co-production practice and future research priorities in United Kingdom-funded applied health research: a scoping review

Exploring nurses’ experiences of value congruence and the perceived relationship with wellbeing and patient care and safety: a qualitative study