Connected Bradford Community Health Checks


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) disproportionately affects those from the poorest communities, with a mortality rate four times greater than for those in the least deprived areas. The Connected Bradford Community Health Checks project works with VCS and community organisations to provide outreach cardiovascular health checks in community settings.

The ambition of the health checks project is to improve the long-term health of higher risk populations by identifying individuals with high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes and connecting them with interventions to support them to improve their health. The project has delivered four events with 291 participants so far.

A key focus of the project is working with community members to enhance delivery of events, as well as enhance our understanding of the barriers to good cardiovascular health to be more responsive to the current and future needs of the community.

The project has two ongoing evaluation streams:

  1. CA Quantitative evaluation of participant outcomes using the Connected Bradford dataset.
  2. A Qualitative Implementation evaluation of acceptability and feasibility of events and produce a toolkit to help others to implement similar initiatives.

The project will continue to deliver events throughout 2024


Currently Underway


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