Health Economics

Our work focuses on the efficient use of limited resources and maximisation of outcomes for patients. We conduct research to improve efficiency and equity in the use of public resources by providing high quality, relevant, flexible, and accessible research capacity in health economics, evaluation and advise on health inequalities issues.

We lead the way in health economics research and are internationally renowned for our ability to aid decision makers in making health care policy decisions at a national and international level. Professor Tracey Young and Professor Laura Bojke co-lead our theme and team. We build upon a strong research collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield and York, working with local decision makers and through cross-theme working with the four core YHARC themes.

Health Economics Projects

Economic evaluation of nature-based interventions for mental and physical health

This study investigated the potential cost-effectiveness of ecotherapy, a nature-based intervention increasingly used for common mental health issues. Despite its popularity, there’s a scarcity of data regarding its costs and...

Economic evaluation of Modifications to Urban Green Spaces

Understanding the impact of green space interventions can be very difficult due to their long-term and wide range of impacts on mental and physical health, impact on other non-health cross-sectoral...

Mental Health Navigator

Mental Health Navigators (MHN) in Wakefield are there to support tenants of Wakefield District Housing in their mental health needs and lifestyle choices. This study worked out how useful the...

Making a Difference: Our Latest Health Economics case studies

Meet the Health Economics Team

Tracey Young

Theme Co-Lead

Laura Bojke

Theme Co-Lead

Sarah Fewkes

Theme Administrator

Our latest Health Economics publications

Mapping functions for the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 to generate EQ-5D-3L for economic evaluation

Methods of assessing value for money of UK-based early childhood public health interventions: A systematic literature review

Economic Evaluation of Community-based Falls Prevention Interventions: a Systematic Methodological Overview of Systematic Reviews