Health economics, evaluation and equality

Our work focusses on the efficient use of limited resources and maximisation of outcomes for patients. We will conduct research to improve efficiency and equity in the use of public resources by providing high quality, relevant, flexible and accessible research capacity in health economics, evaluation and advise on health inequalities issues.

We lead the way in health economics research and are internationally renowned for our ability to aid decision makers in making health care policy decisions at an international and national level. Professors Laura Bojke and Tracey Young co-lead our team. We will continue to build upon a strong research collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield and York, working with local decision makers and through cross-theme working.

Our research focuses on:

  • Inequalities, well-being and cross-sectoral health economics.

  • The development and use of patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in social care and mental health.

  • System level cost-effectiveness modelling.

  • Application of analytical techniques for research prioritisation

  • Collaborative economic evaluations and inequalities impact assessments with the local NHS Trust, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and local authorities. We will engage in research prioritisation with local decision makers and seek opportunities for further funding in partnership with the other ARC YH themes.

Our projects

  • An evaluation of the NEWS2 triage algorithm to identify sepsis in the hospital population, those with MH diagnosis and those over 65 years.

  • Modelling and testing alternative flow of patients accessing Urgent and Emergency Care.

Contact the team

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